Was it one of you guys?

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    I thought this was @fullstackcircus posting this.
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    Imagine having the gall to not just be late and lowball someone, but then turning that around to try to make the candidate seem unreasonable.
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    Fuck this company
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    "what money?" Lol
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    Well if the people I'm interviewing are late more than 2 minutes it is a red flag for me, like these things are planned and they should get their time organized, if they can't organize for an interview what else is failed to be organized?
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    rekt 'em hahaha this is amazing, i have to start being more brazen as well, probably won't make a difference in the statistics since i'm 0/20 anyway!
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    Well it wasn't me. Otherwise they would've been bitching about the invoice for the interview
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    Also, please don't blank out the name of the company that sent this. Such companies should absolutely be named and shamed.
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    "what money"

    the sheer brass balls on this fucker whoever it was.
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