Woman: IF you could make all the people in this forum brawl, I would go with you tonight.
Man: (Type) PHP is the best language all over the world!

The whole forum goes into brawl...

Women: You got me. I shall go with you. Do whatever you want. Let's go.
Man: Hold! Not today! I must convince them all!

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    Wow a new guy! Tags can be quite long I think 😆.

    Welcomes much!
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    @linuxxx Thank you! 😁
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    Welcome but before you go swinging that useless php hammer around I want you to fix it.

    You don’t get to bring that hammer to my PHP party.
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    I think most arguments about PHP are between whether it's the worst, or useful in specific cases.

    I use PHP daily, and don't hate it. But I would never claim it's in the top 5 of most effective or most fun languages.
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    @linuxxx Apparently tags aren't allowed to be too long. I tried putting a long tag and it didn't work. I don't know the actual limit though.
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    The World welcomes you, @nanmu42
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    <?php echo ' hello @World ! 😄' ?>
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