I have a question here. (Or 2...) What would you do if at some point, you see a resume of a colleague where he puts false experiences and misrepresenting qualifications ?
And what if someone 'discover' he has like a ton of admin/confident info of his previous job ?

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    I'll probably ask to interview the candidate and call them out on their false claims.

    Basically try my best to not let them pass the interview.
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    @SidTheITGuy Ah but no let's say it is someone who is working in the same company but is planning to leave...
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    @kobenz Yes, and I am afraid he will do the same here. the person has like admin contracts, in & out's of personal... At what point is shit like this pure theft and fraud ?
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    @ostream Yes, I don't care of the past.

    But the guy is planning to leave. I just want to prevent that he does the same here. Since he is a sysadmin, who knows what he copied...
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    Keep your mouth shut. There's nothing in it for you other than a world of trouble. Deny you saw anything.
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    @AlmondSauce That is what I am going to do.

    But I still will try to make policies about usage and data on work-notebooks and devices.

    So far we don't have any policy here.
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    @Grumm If you want to then by all means go for it - but it sounds like the sort of thing that will do very little to further your career as a dev, and add a lot to your plate in terms of useless meetings and administrative chaos. Personally I'd run a mile from that stuff, but YMMV.

    Your company almost certainly*should* have this policy, but it's not on you to implement it.
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    @AlmondSauce Why not ? Yes I am a dev, but also the IT responsible.

    We were only 2 and since 6 months 3 in our team to manage 90'ish coworkers.

    In my previous work, I had to sign a document that I was not allowed to use code, tools or work in the same sector for al least 3 years.

    There are enough who go to the competition and bring critical information with them.

    So I think for the future, it is good that such policy get's in place. Not specific for his behavior, but for overall transparency to any user.
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