Person: I want to learn to code neural networks and cool AI stuff.

Me: Look into Python or Lua.

Person: Those are too hard, I'm going to use HTML instead.

I got out of there as fast as I could. 😅

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    in the beginning the artificial intelligence facebook group was very interesting to read. It is still interesting to see the progress of ai, but now half of the posts are from people who are too dumb to use google.
    "I want to learn ai. plz help!"
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    Why? Don't we have <head> that we program AI logic inside :P
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    I would love to see a machine learning algo done in HTML. Would make for an interesting read
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    I haven't got enough <body> to handle this
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    Be safe from such person 😂
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    That "Person" sure loves a challenge, can't say the same for a bright future.
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    @Froot Is that even possible? Is HTML Turing-complete?
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    HTML = AI
    CSS = OS

    Nice future of Coding. Haha
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    @Fiftyseven When combined with CSS it actually is!
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    i said daily 😩
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    Ahhh, half way there, they could play around in JavaScript... it’ll be dirt slow by comparison but fuck it.
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