So the person from my previous rant actually tried to make AI in HTML.

Person: I made that AI in HTML today!

Me: Oh really?

Person: Yup. *Opens HTML site*

It was a site that

1) Used JavaScript
2) Was a prompt(), and after answering it alerts "Yes" or "No" randomly.

Me: That's not AI

Person: Uhh yeah it is. It uses a neural network to answer!

Me: Actually, a neural network is a dot product of an input and vectors that are refined using partial derivatives.

Person: Yeah! That's what Math.random() and alert() do!

I left that room as quickly as I could (yet again).

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    That person is a programmer?
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    There's a special circle of hell reserved for those with that level of ignorance / arrogance / (naivety?)

    (And I'm an atheist)
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    Both rants end with you leaving the room. Next time, use a window if possible.
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    Wow just I dont that guy is kidding or he’s serious about it. If he’s serious then maybe he must quit his job as a programmer
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    @CWins I thought most people here prefer Linux?

    I'll show myself out.
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    What. The. Fuck.
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    Haha I'm definitely making this into a series now. This happens in school by the way, and it's filled with people like "Person".

    These sort of things happen everyday here. So any post from now on with the tag "person" is going to be a part of this series 🙃
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    If Else equals AI, lol wut
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    I don't want to sound rude but if you explain AI like that to some random kid in school, he's not going to understand shit. The fundamentals of AI are pretty simple to understand and explain, but imagine what that kid actually has inside that thick scull: he doesn't know shit about programming and, taking into account his response after your brief explanation, he must not know much about simple maths.

    He probably thought something like: "hmm... Yes... Maths... I used Math.random()... That's maths...". And I admit it, he's stupid. But I think he deserves to learn if he wants. He may not have the right attitude yet, but in my opinion, you didn't have the right attitude either.

    Guys, programming isn't really that difficult, it's just something that needs time and effort, like everything else. So please, even though the kid's stupid, he can learn, and it would be cool if one of us could be part of his experience. Who knows? Maybe the kid can grow up and actually become quite capable.
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    Anyways, even though I don't agree much with your attitude, this made me laugh. It's good rant :)
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    @gitcommit Oh trust me, I know that AI can be explained in a simpler manner.

    At the time, he was specifically stating that he used a neural network, and I gave him that basic mathematical explanation.

    After this conversation, I tried my best to give him a better explanation and pointed him to a blog post I wrote (it's still a WIP), and some other good resources.

    I know he's not a programmer, but at the time I couldn't give him an in-depth rundown of AI :)

    Blog post: https://blog.kabir.ml/posts/...
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    @king That's really nice . From the post (and the previous one) I asumed walking out was the common attitude. I hope he learns something.
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    @gitcommit Haha those are mostly for a dramatic effect ;)

    I actually run a club at my school to help other kids learn to program, and asked him to join. Hopefully he does join, but he said he'll look into it.
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    wtf 😂
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    Developer of the first AR (Artificial Retartedness)
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    @olezhka This hell circle is called malbolge (just like the language)
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    This is how I'd respond.
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    Such people are born once in a millenium.
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    😂😂 yo this had me cracking up on the floor.
    alert(Math.random() == 'ai') if that ever makes sense
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    At this level of stupidity... i would say he is kidding. Mabe he is just waiting for you to defenstrate yourself? =D
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    J-Just why?
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    neural network definition 👍
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    Maybe he isn't that stupid and knows that the random value is calculated somehow and calls this "neural network"...

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    Why didn't you kicked him? 😫
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    second-order ignorance: when you don't know how much you don't know.
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    That person should not pass their genes to the next generation...
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    It's AI as per his intelligence
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