I hate it when I run out of internets.

Probably the funniest phishing test I've ever seen.

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    Those sneaky internet particles come and go
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    The name though...Technology Management 😂😂😂
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    I also like the fact it tells you to log on to a website, but you'll have no Internet until you do
    Since you can't get there guess you'll never get it back :(
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    @TYML haha, yeah!
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    @itsdaniel0 catch 22 :p
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    Im very sneaky. To protect myself from that scam, i deletet internet
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    No internet = no work = profit!
    Finally sometime to work on side projects lol
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    @Greggergalactic Nope... its

    maximilian-$-sudo please delete the internet please please please please so i dont get scammed
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    how did you get this email then?
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    @nblackburn the company I work for will do these phishing tests every now and again. Some kind of teaching tool.
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    @itsdaniel0 It could be a website that is allowed and not charged into the monthly limit, just like many mobile providers allow you to still access their own website login 😉
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    Well it looks like your employer is Bill Gates, lord of the internets, maker of it's windows.
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