Whats everyone's thoughts on coin miners running in the background of a website as an alternative to adverts?

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    A good idea. I prefer making money for them in background in exchange of not seeing stupid ads everywhere. But I'm sure that people will not do that and they will just use the script along with a lot of ads on the same page.
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    I love this idea (IF the consumed processing power scales properly). This way a) the currency stays alive and transactions keep getting confirmed b) the end user doesn't see any of those fucking ads. If the profit is enough it would be a win-win imo
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    As a Monero miner myself, I don't like them. They make life much harder for miners, and there's plenty of bad implementations that disregard cpu usage, battery life, and even phone users (avoid that shit on your phone, it will fry it eventually).

    Good idea, shit implementation, and too much risk involved for very little benefit. If only they invested the same resources to come up with less invasive ads...
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    I really can't imagine it would be profitable. Even if they could utilise the gpu
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    I'd call that theft of cpu time
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    Giving users the choice to either see ads or allocate some of their GPU resources for mining may be worth it
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    @ThatDude if it's an option in the settings with a terms and conditions explaining what choosing to swap ads with mining would mean, I wouldn't see it as sketchy. If it's without them knowing though, maybe.
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    @Hedgepig oh, it's quite profitable indeed, even with the cpu alone. The main factor is the amount of time you spend on the page: the longer you stay, the more profitable it is.
    If we start counting gpus, numbers could skyrocket even further! (Though I'm not sure if there are any webminers that know how to use gpus too atm)
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