Almost died few minutes ago. My laptop was plugged to power, while I was using it, for last one hour. Then power cut and my laptop went off too. I was really afraid. Just 9 months ago I purchased a new battery for my laptop. When power came back, and I restarted my laptop, to check status, it was saying "Plugged in. Not charging" on windows. Now I was in serious shock. "Fuck battery died again. This time so soon". Also no red light which reflects charging but white, which reflects "laptop running on direct supply". It gave me some indication when it stopped showing red light during charging for last couple of days

I removed the battery and reinserted it. Replugged the charger. Now it's charging. And red light is back

This makes me even more serious. As similar to this, is what happened with me last time battery died.

Now let's see whether my laptop battery is going to see this night or not. Next few hours are crucial

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