Thinking about getting this as a tattoo on my wrist (without the words), what do you think? Currently 21, will this decision fuck me over somewhere?

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    Make sure you can hide it. My company doesn't allow tattoos at all. I know one person that got one on his forearms and his boss told him no more short sleeves...
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    My suggestion, if you want to play it safe, get tattoos in a place that you can cover up (this is assuming that you won't be attending a pool party with your brand new boss ;)) and wait with the more visible ones until you are older.
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    Welcome to devRant btw!
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    @yarwest thank you!
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    @manFrame where in the world do you work if I may ask?
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    @makx a Christian based hospital
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    Over the last 6 years I've worked as a dev for some really small mom and pop operations (around 5 employees total) as well as huge corporations (10's of thousands of employees). 4 of my tattoos are completely exposed if I wear short sleeves. I've literally never had any issues whatsoever.
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    OP here, I do already have the USB logo on my other wrist but it's hidden by my watch strap. The reason for it is it's an attempt at a universal method of data transfer, it's over my veins to show I'm "wired" for tech, and it's a piece of tech that is immediately recognizable for most people. I feel I don't have as many reasons for this tattoo, but it would balance both wrists nicely. I'm not ultra concerned about getting discriminated against for it, but if it was a huge deal where I couldn't find a job, I would reconsider.
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    Tattoo's have become a lot more of the "norm" now a days, but no matter what it is its better to have those things somewhere semi easily hidden, because you still have those stuck up people who don't have an open mind. But i know plenty of people who have wrist tattoos that have jobs in all kinds of feels. Best of luck to you! and remember, you'll always get aksed what it means!
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    i would get as many tattoos as you can just so you can avoid the shit companies that let superficial things effect their hiring polices.
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    @sgbaker xD I like this tactic. I wouldn't want to work for a company like that either.
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