Database is being slow AF again. Team lead is investigating. This is happening more often lately and affects both production and dev because everything is just in one gigantic database. So clients are calling support being angry about the speed they get and us devs get to twiddle our thumbs while waiting for our own data to load.

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    Maybe clear all data 😛
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    @gitpush I suggested turning the database off and on again as a milder 'solution' but no go.
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    @gitblame no wonder why lol
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    @gitpush We found the culprit and solved it by turning it off and on again for now. Hah.
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    @gitblame if only they listened 😂
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    @gitblame LOL thats just great. Heres a question though. Auto-Scale Database Clusters?
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    @gitlab I have no idea. I don't know much about database management. But I was told by our network guy it was the replication service that was hogging everything by writing to disk a lot. I suggested maybe setting it up to do that at night or to throttle it so it doesn't get so greedy but he didn't think it would be possible. It's not really my department but since boss man is aware and this has happened multiple times I'm sure some resolution will be found. There was talk of an SSD being an option too perhaps but we never have money for anything but the bare essentials.
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    @gitblame if spare ram is available a ram disk cache could help alot
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