What the hell is "4k mAh battery"? Come on guys, you know what that little 'm' means, please tell me you do.

You wouldn't say "4k miligrams". You wouldn't say "4k milliseconds". You wouldn't say "4k milliliters". So don't use "4k miliampere hours". It's dumb.

Just to be sure - everyone, repeat with me:
👏 0.000004 👏 MAh 👏 eqals
👏 0.004👏 kAh 👏 eqals
👏 4 👏 Ah 👏 eqals
👏 4000 👏 mAh 👏 eqals
👏 4000000 👏 nAh 👏

Thank for giving me 5k ms of your attention.

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    Cant tell if your upset or just informing people.
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    @skprog both. I have this rare mental condition that makes me like humanity.
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    It's just so hyped to use 4k nowdays
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    @infinite-lifes my god that sounds horrible. I hope i never catch this human sympathy virus.
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    Measuring it in amps never made sense to me. Why not just use watts. Then you can easily compare it to batteries that are not 5V like 18650s
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    Because amp hours tells you how long it will run under load. I think
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    @Froot You would have to measure it in watt hours, or joules or something equivalent, watts wouldn't tell you anything. mAh makes sense usually.
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    @Froot Comparing batteries of different voltages usually is a waste of time since your circuit will require a certain voltage, so once you know that, it narrows your search down to batteries of a single voltage.
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    @skprog @Froot I knew there was some reason, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was. Man, my memory is not as good as it used too be 😅
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    Stop being asinine.

    The unit of measurement for battery life is mAh. So while yes it is accurate to say “4.0Ah”, it is not useful in its intended context, which is comparing to other batteries.

    Yes metric unit conversions are easy. Easy is not the same as free. Customers want numbers that can be directly compared to each other, and using different units does not satisfy that need.
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    @cafecortado er, no. That’s an abbreviation of the number. The units are still mAh.
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    Same reason internet speed is measured in fucking bits per second instead of just bytes: ISPs want higher numbers for marketing.
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    @Condor A fellow electronics enthusiasts! I see you are a man of culture as well. I agree. Its obviously for marketing. Larger numbers make it look like a better product.
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    @milkybarkid @infinite-lifes @gblues
    Thanks for that, learned something new 🙂
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    Please give me back the 5k ms of my attention!! 😂
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    Batteries are measured in mAh regardless. Same as calories are really kilo calories and you will not change that.

    The world is gonna roll you.
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    When talking about small batteries you usualy say XXXX mAh instead of X Ah to be more specific.
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    @filthyranter They're usually measured in bps because the physical layers below and things such as traffic shaping and policing are specified in bps. The bit is the smallest atomic unit with digital communications, so it makes sense to not have to deal with floating point numbers for configuration and for SLAs etc.
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    @Condor Serial connections are just another form of physical layer, you're right about the symbol rate but being different, but that doesn't change the fact that if we're at the MAC layer or above we tend to specify things in bps because that's the most atomic unit and everything from the extremely low bandwidth to the Tbps links all use bps for configuration. It's not that it's a marketing scam like some would lead you to believe.
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    @Condor baud rate and bit rate were always separate btw, we can represent a bit with a symbol, and that symbol can encode things like error detection and correction.
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