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    "People only get more intelligent"
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    I don't know much about Arduino, but you would think the 'Raspberry Pi' label would give the 'grammer a hint.
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    These fucking development boards with some atmega328p on them now even come with hdmi. Ffs time passes fast.
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    I think, if I smash my head hard against a wall, table or object with similar capabilities, I would agree that this is a Arduino.

    But probably because I would nkt care about it (because I might be on my way to an ER)

    Maybe this is what heppend here and on so many other places. Can not prove the smashing and ER thing, but seems like an ' I don't care, get it done' thing.
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    @c3ypt1c oooh, L.A Noire meme.
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    If they sell that for a price of a Arduino, i'll buy 1000...

    Even ask a credit for that :p

    RaspPy server cluster hehehe.

    Bet they sell it even more expensive then a genuine Py
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