I had a conversation with a friend.

I : since most modern programming languages handle most of the algorithms like sorting algorithms for arrays / dictionary or finding shortest path algorithms for path location. Do you think it is still important to learn to algorithms and design since most modern programming languages handle those for you.

Friend : Nope, since it’s already available for you why should you care of how they works since they are already embedded in the programming language itself. If you are a computer scientist yes, you must learn those stuff, but if you are an IT graduate or a mere developer you dont need to learn those stuff. That’s why I am confuse in my college days why did we need to learn algorithm and design.

What is your opinion guys? Quite disappointed with his answer.

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    Who Programs the algorithms?
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    Plus, depending on the person, implementing these algorithms can be fun, or they can teach you a lot about general coding.

    Here's an intriguing algorithm, found in quakes source code, it's a fast inverse square root function. Also called the magic number 😎


    In conclusion: If you're a developer, you're expected to be capable of doing these simple tasks. Even for a front-end developer, it can be useful.
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    I am just disappointed that there are people out there thinks that learning algoritms and designs are painful and nerve cracking. Yes, I took computer science, I know how tedious it was to create algorithms especially when you are trying to create your own programming language or even a compiler. But it still an essential topic need to be focused on and appreciated since most of the technologies today are just 0’s and 1’s and they are all run by algorithms.
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    Not the programming language contains the algorithms. The libraries or frameworks do...
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