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PM went to meet with the provider and came back, so I had a talk with the PM and it went like this:
Me: so how did the meeting go? Hope they corporate with you
PM: *in a sarcastic voice* Bro, you need be a good dev, they told me only a good dev can implement Master Card API calls, and its all in the docs. That's all they told me, so you should know how the meeting went
Me: *there is no wifi in jail, there is no wifi in jail, there is no wifi in jail, there is no wifi in jail* Fine bro, I'll go back to school and come back after 12 years.

Seriously when I send the provider the request and the body and all they tell me is: You have an error, Id must be unique but they fail to point out the exact error or at least send me a valid ID to test, how does this make me the bad dev and him the genius that can run Apple, Google, MS all together at once!

What is even worse, when I called the provider he told me: Man transaction ID must always be unique, how could you not know this, how is Mastercard supposed to differentiate between transactions!!

But hey, no one told me transaction id must be unique, primary keys are never unique, like DUH!

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    Wow, that's pretty stupid. Wreck 'em!
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    I feel with you. All finance related specifications have tons of missing informaton or need implicit knowledge.

    They're heavily complicated and their roots often go back until 1960's/1970's technology where hardware and software devs tried to save single bits because of the low ressources back in those days.
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    Man that's brutal here's a hug
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    @ddephor @TheCapeGreek the problem here we are not talking accounting we are checking for an API call error what needs to be sent and how 😒🙄🤔😞
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    @thevariableman hahaha I'm not leaving my cave u til I become a good Dev 😛
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    @gitpush then u have my blessings (+_+)__(***
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    @thevariableman 😀
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    I worked with a payments/card API recently who were just terrible at setting up accounts.

    Failed to setup 3d secure, then failed to add Visa to the production API.

    They have a requirement that callback URLs must be https, so we gave them about 20 for different accounts, they inputted plain http ones, which didn't work.

    When we queried them on it we got 'we didn't know you wanted HTTPS callbacks'. ITS YOUR FUCKING REQUIREMENT, FUCK SAKE.

    It took them weeks to sort it out so I could finish what I was working on. Recently they made some TLS changes, but decided we didn't need notifying about it, so shit just broke completely out the blue...

    Since working with GoCardless, Stripe, etc, I can't stand working with older style payment gateways with bad APIs and where half the time the docs are massively out of date (if you can even find them)
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    @ganey true true! The problem also is I'm using MasterCard docs, and half of it is out dated ... I cooped request Java code from their docs and only replaced values to end up with a weird error, had to edit the body my self to by a coincidence find the correct form.

    What is irritating here is not they are failing to help, but also they know nothing and assuming that the Dev is wrong and a loser
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    Had an issue like this with CenPos
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