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    oh great i found it! lmao
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    I actually laughed at this. Good one sir xD
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    I like your premise, I want to update it for the classic: a pm is someone who thinks 9 developers can make a baby in one month.

    I will crack 4 eggs

    Pm: how long?
    Chefdev: 5 minutes

    Team of two: We will crack 4 eggs.

    How long: a couple of minutes.

    Pm: I need 4 eggs cracked in one minute get those two juniors over here... here’s 3 eggs and a tomato.

    Junior 1: is that an egg? *smashes tomato on table.

    Junior 2: how do you crack an egg properly? *shells, shells everywhere*

    Original two developers crack 4 eggs in a couple of minutes

    Pm: I’m launching a full scale investigation into what went wrong and why it took a couple of minutes for four people to crack 4 eggs. What lessons can we learn and why does the final product have tomato all up in it?

    FYI: estimates are doubled and take into account how much time snrdev and gooddev spend catching up on devrant.
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