Really Microsoft??? Ever heard of clickable links?

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    @g-m-f no it can't, and im sure @johnny knows that... but i'm guessing he's referring to the redundancy of this error dialog being completely useless :P
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    @g-m-f @amjo yes i know that there can't be links in this kind of dialog! But hey, there could be a button or so 👍
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    @g-m-f true that 👍
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    You are using visual studio, expected! 😂
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    @g-m-f sry, I just woke up and I'm trolling around 😁😁
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    CTRL+C while dialog is in focus.
    Paste in notepad. The whole dialog text will be pasted. Now its a breeze to copy + paste the url.
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    yah MS is the worst about their error popups.
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    you cant add linkLabel inside message box you can control
    -buttons (and your control here is limited)
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    Sure the default dialogs can't have links but it won't take much efforts to create an implementation which does. lazy peeps :)
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    They're afraid it would open in Internet Explorer. Then you would have 2 problems.
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