reading test strategy of work done by my senior whom i respect, which goes something along the lines of:

"putting this into production and praying"

i dont know how to feel

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    It's senior level.

    By the way: That is my favorite line.

    I say it every time I want to be crystal clear that the risks are high and it's not clear what could happen.

    A "Hail mary" by all means.

    *shrugs* You want a solution. You get a solution.

    Not saying it solves a problem, just saying it's a solution.
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    Sometimes technical and social constraints make things untestable locally and on the staging server. In that cases, this actually is the testing strategy of choice.
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    Nothing wrong with a calculated risk.

    Unless poorly calculated.
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    @ostream That's a social constraint.
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    @ostream Yep.
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    Scared OP. Very scared
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    Edit and pray vs cover and change

    TDD ♥️
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