Since I'm a rather new devrant user, does these kind of trolls happen here more frequently?

Other than that, i rly enjoy the posts here.

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    buddy, devrant is on something called "The Internet". which is the natural habitat of trolls.
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    @tosensei Unlike most other places, devrant has pretty much no moderation anymore though.
    We've just been relatively safe for the most part because it's relatively obscure
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    Don't feed the Trolls, and avoid the 4spaces vs 2 spaces vs tabs, and vim vs everything else Triggers.

    You will be fine!
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    @localpost That's why I ask. I don't know how active the moderators/admins are.
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    The latest troll is a particularly special one - there's the odd spam post but usually they disappear quite quickly. I don't remember one ever being this bad before.

    So no, essentially.
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    @magicMirror shakes fist at 2 spaces and tabs people... lol
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    No admin / mods here.

    Most active users have the duty to downvote all the spammy crap.

    Don't reply, down vote and report profile.
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    @dfox and @trogus are the only moderators/administrators here, they created the platform.

    But they are not really active, they sometimes restart the servers when shit hits the fan but otherwise not much activity.

    Although I don't know how often they look at the reports through the report button
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    @magicMirror don't avoid it. because it is neccessary that the whole internet hears the truth, the Gospel Of Tabs, since spaces are clearly inferior, and people who think otherwise are worse than trolls ;)
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    @localpost well, for a platform that's essentially unmoderated, it's quite civil TBH
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    This one is special in that he's been allowed to use alts so blatantly, which mostly appears to defeat the self-moderation by downvotes. There are often ones that are even worse in other ways. But mostly people respect each other here, or even learn to respect each other after a disagreement.

    Btw, your downvote does not count to the total unless you select offensive/spam.
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    What trolls ?

    I haven't seen any !

    Maybe I just don't read much here..

    Unless I'm a troll..
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    @Nanos yes, YOU are the troll! Burn it with fire!
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    @Demolishun I've got my asbestos suit on. ;-)

    Actually, I once saw one of those fire suits for sale in a shop and thought that would be ideal to keep in the house in case there is a fire, then I could just walk out.
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    @Nanos nah.

    You're more the... Weird... Extremely weird... Guy with even weirder kinds of knowledge.

    But as you're not a pervert and not too annoying it's kinda okay.
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    @magicMirror I’m very offended on behalf of the 3-spaces users.
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    @Lensflare its tres-space bitch! :-)
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    See what I mean? Avoid that topic at all costs!

    Also, @Lensflare 3 spaces!?
    It is called devRant, not deviantRant, you... you Monster!
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    @magicMirror I don’t use 3 spaces myself. I’m just offended on behalf of those who do.
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    Twisted fuckers flooding the forum with incoherent and/or monomaniacal rambling are commonplace but mostly harmless. This is the first one since I came here that mass-upvotes its own posts to completely drown out anything that isn't about it.
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