I was interviewing a candidate for a senior UI dev position and I began to ask him stuff about closures, contexts, design patterns and others.

At some point, after failing to respond to most of the questions, the candidate looked at me and said something like: ‘I am amazed. You didn’t have a lot of toys when you were a kid. The PC was your only toy when you were a kid, right??’.

I looked at my junior colleague that was shadowing the interview and we couldn’t believe what the guy was asking. He was extremely serious and he was looking for a way to find an explanation for his failure.

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    How did he take the rejection?
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    Non UI Dev here. What closures are you thinking of?
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    He indirectly said you don’t have life. Lol
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    How to politely tell someone to fuck off Part 1
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    @adamhongmy yup, but that was not his intention. He was serious about it rather than trying to make jokes.
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    If programming isn't fun, don't follow work in that area...
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    @adamhongmy The interviewer might not have/have had a life, but the interviewee sure as hell doesn't have a job! :P
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    Fucking savage. I mean, broke savage, but savage. Op you got dissed hard buddy :( you're still on top but if you need a hug, yknoa lmao
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    @Crazed Not quite mate. Here we have a word: “Mi se rupe pula de el”.
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    @TMBSTruth JS closures.

    Quote: A closure is a function having access to the parent scope, even after the parent function has closed.
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    @m0fo thanks, never heard of that before.
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