You are all invited to the SPI-Party!!!!

*crying.... this is not my job, i am less than a noob around here 😭😭*

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    What are you prototyping?:)
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    He's prototyping the act of prototyping.
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    A board that will control some machines, that has nothing to do with each other....
    From fridges (industrial ones) to pumps, to glue melter...

    Overall nothing hard, just some analogic contacts, and a lot of digital ones...
    But an hell of modularity to keep the price low, and to have a way to scale for large installations
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    @AnonymousMooCow 3 microcontrollers and no external components? You could be right!
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    @mngr I don't follow you, are you pretty much developing your own PLC?
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    Guys, guys....
    3 micro is just the beginning
    They have to become AT LEAST 5
    And, you can be sure i will add so much external components...
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    @milkybarkid exactly, you just gave the shortest explanation i will ever be able to give 😂😂
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    Small precisation: in the image there are 2 micro only to test the other two, one works as a logic analyzer, and the other is the poor arduino that is the only thing that i am sure it works as intended
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    @mngr So are you developing software to allow the end user to use ladder logic? And testing your device in harsh conditions?
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    Ehm... More or less... 😅
    I will program the PLC in C, and now i use the analyzer to understand what goes wrong during SPI communication...
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    Wipe those tears with all these ++
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    But don't you like playing with wires? 😍
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