Bought Macbook with my first salary 😍
That's oneplus 5 on the side πŸ˜‹

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    Do you have anything left to pay the bills?
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    Nice! Enjoy! It's always good to treat yourself after hard work!
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    @Autism420 As many heckles this may rise, I see most of the time pictures of stuff like this being almost always being someone bragging about their Macs here
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    @legionfrontier isn't this the reason to buy a mac?
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    @Autism420 Why would you say that? He shared something that he is happy with, nothing more nothing less. I don't care about the mac vs pc shite, but saying that he is full of himself because he shared something that he saved and worked hard for just because it is something that you find too expensive or can't afford is practicly the same as saying that people can't enjoy donuts because you are on a diet.

    Realise that most people here have interest that are hard so share with non-tech friends so this is exactly the place to share your tech/dev joys and rants. So I can fully imagine that after hard work, saving and setting the dedication to buy one he is genuinely happy and want to share his joys.

    Enjoy your MacBook @shubhodeep, you deserved it.
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    @daveit Nah, I took a jab at another user that felt like hot shit just because He was the Mac user in a classroom with mostly Windows laptops
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    @erik404 Although I hate apple and anything apple related, entirely with you!

    Well deserved, OP!
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    Do you know what I did with my first salary?
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    I spent them well
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    @erik404 well written sir! ✌🏻

    @shubhodeep congrats ☺️☺️
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    @Autism420 I don't see how bragging/show off come in this. If I worked hard for something and earned that I would want to share it with people who may understand how I feel.
    When I got selected for GSoC this year, I worked for it. It wasn't something I got just like that. I shared it with this community and got a positive response from everyone. I don't see how this is different.
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    @Autism420 I'm pretty sure he'd have shared the picture had there been a different laptop in place of mac
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    I'm so immature that I would probably have bought a high end drone and made a contribution to Ad Blocker.
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    @vlatkozelka Xiaomi too. Once I spent an hour tying to figure out why the app kept crashing only to realize later that the stock ROM was messing with Google maps fragments -_-

    And congrats OP on the new devices :)
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    @coderrick I actually have a list of projects that I'll donate to once I start earning full time. So you aren't the only one.
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    @erik404 im with the other guy on this one, I come here to see funny stories and pictures, I don't care that this guy bought a laptop. This picture should have been shared with his friends on facebook or something, not here
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    Bought a One plus 5 fell to the ground first time cracked the glass instantly. They should just sell one plus ones. That thing was a tank.
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    Wow.. that's nice!! Hope those device can help you a lot πŸ˜„
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    That's cool. I just got my first job and the first items I plan on buying is a OP5 and XPS 15.
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    @Sydochen why not latitude series for programming use .. πŸ˜„
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    @Wandi i don't plan on using it just for programming. The XPS has a GTX 1050 so it's good for light gaming too. And the 4k touch screen looks amazing
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    @vlatkozelka looks satisfying

    It's reminded to me either when I got my first salary as programmer. I used'em for buying a new mobile coz back in the day. I don't have mobile
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