Welp, who wants to see my first website? tiny.cc/copo
It was made almost entirely during english class, for blocked games. It's the most hits I've ever got one a site I've made. But the best part? I achieved my goal: respect from the teachers. And why did they respect me? *Because it got blocked*. Yup, across the entire county (our county is one of the top five in the USA for schools I believe). We, as the students, found a way around the teacher's technological control, and finally got some technological freedom. Just a small story.
P.S. not named by me, and sorry bout that JS redirect. I redesigned it while I was supposed to be writing about the theme but the original is couchpotato not cppremium. I can't change it now but I'll change it later. I trust you guys know how to stop it without me changing it though :)

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