I managed to get a new dell XPS 15 with uhd display, 16GB RAM and a nice i7 for work.

My boss previously asked for advice from me for which laptop to get, he ignored my advice which was for him to get a nice surface book pro for his excel activities

Instead he got a shitty Mac book air (who are these people who like the airs?). As his cto I was upset he didn’t trust his tech guy to choose him a powerful laptop that was useful.

Anyway, he saw my new laptop this week and a contractor was admiring it. My boss then said why didn’t you tell me to get this one? (The surface pro is the same spec but with tablet and pen ability).

What a dick. I’m still mad he didn’t listen to me. And now he is saying I never told him.

Macs are shit btw. This dell is great and I don’t know how we lived without uhd screens before.

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    UHD are great I've heard. But never seen one in a laptop in person.

    Still I doubt I'd get one. I would rather have a good full HD and good battery life.

    Maybe get an UHD for desktop sometime.
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    I mostly work with my laptop plugged in. Not sure how the battery life will be but I very rarely take it off the stand. I do when I travel but normally I plug it in somewhere else.

    I also have a separate 4K monitor thus giving me 8k. Which is pretty spectacular.

    I can basically have 4 screens on each screen which means I never have to switch tabs!
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    And it looks incredible
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    Can confirm, got the xps 13 dual booted with Ubuntu for school and work. Never been so happy with a laptop! :)
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    I also have an XPS 13 with UHD and touch. Battery life is about 6-8 hours if you don't run Xampp or VMs the whole time.

    The only thing I miss is native pen suport like the Surface has.
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    A friend of mine has a xps. It is a delight of a laptop.

    I have a MacBook Pro. I kind of like it. But if someone told me they thought it sucked, I couldn’t disagree. But I wouldn’t much agree either.

    I have a weird relationship with my crap.
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    @GrizzlyMagnum UHD doesn’t make a laptop amazing or stunning. Just means it’s display is sharp and good. It’s also kind of the norm these days. I only find 1080p on medium end models these days.
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    @GrizzlyMagnum uhd + desktop = <3
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    The point of shit story shouldn't be that macs are shit, they have their use, but that you should listen
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    @calmyourtities and that Apple haven’t revolutionised anything since Jobs past
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    @dezzymei disagree. A screen on the keyboard? Pure geniusšŸ¤£. But what has google done?
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    I wasn’t commenting on any other company, especially not google. But the iPod was revolutionary the way it brought together the tech that existed in different places and made a completely accessible product.

    The same with the iPhone.

    Facial recognition is ok but it’s not revolutionary and the prices are far too high.

    You get the same spec laptop (dell xps) with uhd screen, more ram and a bigger ssd for about £600 less.

    I had two Mac book pros before. This last one lasted me 7 years. But I didn’t want the new one because of the spec and the price.

    I also have had three iPhones. I won’t be upgrading to the latest for the same reason, you can get the Samsung which is the same spec for the most part but some things are better (eg camera) and it’s significantly cheaper.

    Apple has lost its appeal.

    Although having said all that I would be keen for an iwatch!
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    But anyway the point is my boss was a dick when he didn’t listen to me. And now he’s more of a dick because he said I didn’t advise him
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    @dezzymei nope. Him not listening to you was a dick move. Him accusing you of not advising him is a dickless move.
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