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    Its not THAT bad...
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    @Muffin Have your first upvote and welcome to devRant!
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    @Muffin Have your second one, and welcome to devRant :D
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    Thanks 😍
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    @Muffin here is your third
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    C++ is not that bad, is it? You just have to find the proper resources to learn in my opinion. A good explanation goes a long way.
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    I actually really like it 😶
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    I really like C++. One of my favourite languages 😁
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    I think C is a lot easier than C++. The latter just fucks with you, and there's like a million features with a million more every few years.

    The fact that the boost library exists says a lot.
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    I dislike it, but because I do not know it. I find myself constantly fighting against the syntax for even the smallest things. But it is obscenely powerful. Websites are built in JS....space stations in cpp. Pick yo poison. Welcome to devrant btw!
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    btw. The Cppcon 2017 videos are awesome!
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    Yooo, who needs a free time when you can learn something new. Especially when it's an awesome programming language like C++!

    Studying is cool!
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