Somehow I made that work at the first attempt without checking anything before. Still can't believe it.
To be fair: I forgot typecasting once in the 19 lines before that.
Has anyone suggestions for improvement?

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    linking a gist or uploading a bigger picture would be an improvement.
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    I can't see that LONG python, but if it's your first attempt and it's working, then it's great. Good luck for your future.
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    If I uploaded more code, people would probably suggest even different approaches instead of implementations only. That is explicitly not what I am allowed nor want to have here.
    It would be nice if someone told me how to shorten the lines though.
    I know you can hardly read that due to the image compression.
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    put semicolon for each code block?
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    heilige scheisse. Diese if anweisung.

    egal, schön mal wieder von dir zu hören.

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