My god Microsoft, reboot for updating Visual Studio? Seriously? Wtf?

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    Rebooting? *laughs in linux*
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    Oh, there's also a clickable text that tells you why the restart is needed...
    Gee, thanks Microsoft...
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    @irene I kexec'ed at this
    (Beware: Deep joke)
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    Do registry edits require a reboot to activate? If so, that could be why. (Assuming of course that the update had to edit a registry.)
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    @jmclemo6 they don't. If they're changed and you read them again yiu get the new value, no stale copies and ths change is applied to the registry immediately. Problem is that most settings in the registry do require a restart because it's easier to get the user to restart than reload everything in code...
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    Everytime I update something I'm like "pls don't require a reboot, please don't require a reboot"
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    It still needs to implant the spyware, sadly this doesnt work on a running windows yet (just like everything else :))) )
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