Ok guys, I feel like seeing a genuine civil chat here so here we go!

What is everyone's opinion on the way the gaming industry is going, I mean with everything going for the 4K and all the shit that goes on between Console and PC gaming (I'm a console gamer).

And, if you are a game developer, how has this push for 4K and everything must be 3D and photo realistic effected your work?

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    I'm personally a PC gamer.
    Sure there's always shit going on between console and PC gamers, but in reality PC and console are for 2 totally different target audiences.

    I go for PC because I like the freedom, low price and I am a huge fan of indie games.
    I personally don't have money to buy a ultra high end gaming computer but some people choose PC for that reason.

    Consoles are much more user friendly. with PC I end up having to do extra fixes at times. And it's always a pain with compatibility. Where as console is much more plug and play.

    Many colleagues of mine are very busy people, so they prefer console because it's less of a hassle.

    I think the whole PC vs console discussion is kinda BS, it's personal preference and that's something we have to respect.
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    I love VR/AR/MR/etc, I see a lot of potential in the gaming world, the educational world and the medical world. And I can't wait to see all the innovations creative people will come up with.

    I don't really care for 4K, I think it's cool but I personally sticked to full HD. Mostly because of lack of compatibility and I haven't really seen a 4K tv that also respects your privacy and such.
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    @Kage You sound similar to me, I personally think VR is a waste and I'm more excited for AR, I had plans to work on an AR desk app that lets you build a virtual desk and use it as if it was just a standard PC but put it on the back burner.

    I agree with 4K though, its not as great as people crack it up to be honestly, I ordered an xbox one x not for the 4K but just the horsepower its packing, would be great for my 1080p setup
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    As a quite new game developer and a person who is trying to infiltrate this industry, I feel that games these days are going in the absolute opposite direction as well. People are starting to care less for the graphics and more for the story and gameplay, which is why there is a sudden surge of successful 2D, lowpoly and just easy games as a sort of quick entertainment and escape.

    I am more of a hardcore 3D, 60 fps, PC guy; but I don't mind anything quite honestly. I just love games.
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    Thanks a lot @Kage. I love these kinds of videos. Really helpful.
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    @anumey I'd also recommend giving Game makers toolkit on YouTube, explains and explores a lot of game aspects that generally get overlooked
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    @BigMacca101, all right. Will do. Thanks!
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    I'm currently applying for my first job in the games industry, but I've been making games for the last 6yrs, pretty much since I started programming

    Personally, I agree with the comments in the video that @Kage linked - these days there is definitely a shift in focus towards graphics, usually at the expense of gameplay

    However, I think players are (slowly) starting to realise this, and that's why indie games are gaining more and more traction - indie game devs know that they can't compete with million dollar AAA titles in terms of graphics and quantity of content, so they focus a lot more on gameplay

    The push for everything-4k is just stupid in my opinion - it just adds an unnecessary performance requirement. I use a 27" 1440p (2K) screen for gaming, and with 2x AA it looks almost identical to 4K. Now I'm not saying that 4K gaming is *bad*, it's just something that everyone is trying to rush towards because it's a marketing buzzword
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    As for PC vs consoles, personally I'm a PC gamer, and I dislike platform-exclusives (even if they're on PC)

    The way I see it, desktop gaming allows developers to make the game as close to their vision of what it should be like as possible, whilst also having it on console forces them to actually consider performance (as opposed to just "if it doesn't run well then upgrade your GPU")
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    4k is a fad. 1920 pixels ought to be enough for anybody!
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    @wizzzard Yes, 1920x1 is a great resolution.
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