Finally a guide for understanding if you should use WordPress for your website

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    it's not so much that wordpress in itself is bad though?

    it's mostly bad configuration, bad plugins and sysadmins not doing updates.

    I do also think that using WordPress for a forum or a webstore is shitlessly stupid. it's a CMS, great for blogs or small news sites.
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    Fantastic advice
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    @balte unnecessary bloated imo.
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    @lithiex yup. that's definitely another con!
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    @LinusCDE what the hell 😂😂
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    Anyways this rant is based only on my experience, I didn't want to say that wordpress is to be threw away at all
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    never ever...
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    @balte it is slow and heavy.
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    Wordpress is an unathenticated remote shell which, as a useful side feature, contains a blog
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    Great flowchart. WordPress sucks.
    Let's now onwards we all use Wix
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    'hells naw'
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    If you ever get comfortable enough with the new WP api, it's actually a very nice way to hack together SPAs and simple web apps. By this I mean building your front end from scratch but using WPA for data storage and media handling.

    I pumped out a real time UFC score card / betting app in less than a day using WP and But. WP is also very easy to dockerize and plays nicely with NGINX.

    That being stated I'd never recommend actually building anything with WP's CMS.
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    Well, WP is good for beginners, but for SEO, it is not so good, even with Yoast
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