If I put my girlfriend on my lap, does it make her a laptop?

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    When I put my laptop in my girl, does it make the laptop my girlfriend ?
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    only if your girfriends name is Top
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    @riteshx95 @ThatDude just let me know when you need a solid "no", I'm good at those.
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    @riteshx95 no, that would be silly :)
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    If I put my laptop on my lap, does it become my girlfriend? 🤔
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    no cause you don't know how to touch her buttons unlike a laptop
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    @PerfectAsshole if you do know the ten finger system will come in quite handy :P
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    @solidsnakedrive if you visit specific websites it should work.

    *wispers* these which must not be named...
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    @riteshx95 it must be strange if your girlfriend/wife is called cortana or siri o.O

    But even worse is alexa! There are really people out there with that name! Amazon fuck you, you prick!!
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    @ThatDude Ok... I don't see if you are serious right now. How are you?
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    Are you some sort of an AI, we know how hard it is for a programmer to get a girlfriend yet to get a girl agree to sit on your lap, are you from the future? Or is that girl available on VR Hahhahaha @justwellbrock
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    @riteshx95 if I knew that xD this stuff is like constantly popping in and out. Maybe too many entangled atoms in my brain... I shoule probably visit a physicist.
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    @pesaply @irene I'm from the future and my girl has a AR device which makes me look quite handsome ;)
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    @justwellbrock haha huray for us for once, FYI it was not a prototype I hope and I was not stereotyping it's just what it is, hell I'h no idea if am in relationship or constantly trying to date in unreal world
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