"Oh, don't use Google Password Manager. It's not safe. Use something else. [Paid]"

* proceeds in using it anyway. I don't care. I trust Google.

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    Google isn’t for free. You just don’t pay with money.
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    doesn't really matter.

    as soon as it's in the cloud, consider your information leaked. no device is trustworthy if it's outside your control.
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    @Lensflare How is that different than any brand ? Samsung ? Apple ? You even pay money so they can get your data.
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    @Grumm yes. I wasn’t implying that it is different with other "free" services.
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    @Lensflare sometimes you pay with both money and data, at least with Google it's only data.
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    @tosensei AdR classes be like:
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    I bet you trust the govt too
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    I don't trust google, but being the 'admin' for my family, its sooooo easy to let chrome/firefox/edge save their passwords instead of the constant "I forgot my password again and I can't log into xyz. Can you come over and fix it like you did last time?"

    Few weeks ago my brother-in-law forgot his camera security software password.

    Me: "I don't remember it, do the password reminder"

    L : "Can't. Its going to my old apple account and I got the new IPhone. I forgot my old apple id, so I just created a new one."

    Me: "Where is your old phone? It still works, right?"

    L: "Yea, screen was cracked. I threw that thing away."

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    At this point, i care less about these choices. Anything is hackable, as someone really wants to hack you.
    It's like picking a lock for your house, you can choose the highest grade security lock and if someone really wants to get in, they will.
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