Uncle: Programmers who design physics engines do so by typing 1s and 0s on a console. That's why they get paid so much.

Me: πŸ€”πŸ”ͺ

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    I actually may have refined his answer and made it sound more intelligent than it actually was.

    He was feverishly arguing his point; it was ridiculous!
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    I remember the days where I thought the same thing as a child. I also remember when I found out you needed actual software ("1s and 0s" running a bunch of switches) to actually make that hypothetical terminal run. My mind was blown ☺️
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    Me to parents "I'm going into computer science, you know programming stuff"

    Dad: "... ... ... How're you going to memorise when to out a one and when to put a zero?"

    Me 😒
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    @runfrodorun TIL. But the argument stemmed from a discussion regarding frostbite when BF3 was about to be released.
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    @runfrodorun ah, sorry. Just wanted to clear up confusion as to why i would remember that moment so vividly for the past 6 years.

    That said I did find the tidbit fascinating.
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    He is fucking right.🀣
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    I had a professor who taught computer architectures to us and had a tale about how he wrote code back in the day before even assembly, in binary, to level the barrel of soviet made tanks. Hardcore stuff.
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    instead of stupid, i think he is misinformed
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