Best error message I've found during my dev years.

"Error: An error has occurred!"

You don't say! :))

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    You can't beat this one
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    Msgbox pops up. Error symbol.
    "No error occurred"

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    Hi @NoMad, glad too see anyone who embrace this name, I'm a bro btw. And thank you for you warm welcome, I can't wait to see more rants in here :D!
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    @aitkotw Yeah, clearly that needs to be the new meta of "Callback hells" :))
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    Thats how I display exceptions in production :p
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    Error: Unknown Error
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    Hmm I think for April fools day, I should switch all the success/error popups... Well just the symbol, like the errror sign, red text but a success message and vice verca.
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    @Wack That would be funny and interesting 😏😂
    @aitkotw Omg 🤣🤣🤣
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