Colleague: I really wish array index in all languages would start from 1. If I ever write a language the index will start from 1.


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    Lua :)
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    It'd confuse us existing programmers, but it would make learning programming easier and remove the need for having inclusive start indexes and exclusive end indexes for substring and the like
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    @dfox And that fact irritates me
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    A 0 index makes loops easier for me... ew
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    I think new programmers would find it more instinctive. I remember well when I started programming, this was a little bit confusing. Of course it would be a mess for us oldies.
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    There's a performance reason for zero based index you know.
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    Sure and just screw with math to make it easier on a new generation that thinks it would be easier until they are having some seriously screwed up indexing issues and have to work out wrapping their minds around that solution.
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