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    I hope that in the future you won't get to choose anything below 720p
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    Excuse me while I await my death from old age, Should be faster to load.
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    @pajaja If only we had a "usable" Internet everywhere ...
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    @Jilano it's the future, we will :)
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    4K is a buzzword.
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    8640p144 you mean! I wanna see my gets at 144hz!
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    A 16k panel doesn't even exist yet 🤔

    Hell, there's only a couple 8k panels on the market.

    4k is still extremely overpriced.

    Fuck it, I'm fine with my 1080p for now.
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    Call Linus from LTT!
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    Lol I am just now seeing that I spelled 'cats' as 'gets' in my previous comment 😂 I was tired
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    Now imagine a 144p video on that 16K screen...
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    Does anyone have a link? The only thing I can find is this screenshot basically distributed over every single existing page...

    Edit: Did I say screenshot? Well.. some kind of ;)
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