Professor to the whole class: Apache tomcat runs on port 80 which is the same port used by skype
Me: (change the port of tomcat to something else, obviously)
Professor: Kill Skype
Me: 😐😐

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    Its easier to kill skype than deal with 400 kids who broke their tomcat
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    Hmm pretty sure Skype uses 443, not 80 (because SSL)
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    I agree with what was said before. Easier to kill skype than have everyone fk their shit up. Never understamitate school noobishness
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    Yas good idea, killing a mass surveillance-integrated chat service! 😋
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    Skype used that in the past as far as I know they have now switched to different port (not 80, not 443). We have local Apache for dev on both 80 and 443 and Skype runs without interference.
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    You can release port 80 and 443 in Skype settings.
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