Why so many people think HTML is a programming language?

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    Because it's Turing complete.
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    HTML with Css3 is turing complete, well it met one of the criteria from memory anyway (rule 110)

    HTML is Markup like XML.
    It in itself can’t do anything logically.

    But because it’s marketed as a programming language incorrectly people get the wrong information about it.
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    I side with a man much more experienced and knowledgeable than myself:

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    Because (and this applies to CSS as well) it’s a series of instructions that tells a computer what to do.
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    @sam9669 Fucking hell
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    @Kaji incorrect the browser parses and just displays the content. HTML has no logic just markup like xml.
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    After watching @iam13islucky video,
    I am I agreement with that, the old guys got a point😎

    HTML Is not a “programming” language as most would think of languages to be (like C, Java, C++, PHP)... as these are imperative languages, you have to tell these languages what you want them to do.

    HTML /XML / Markup in general is a declarative language, so you don’t have to tell the “compiler” in this case being a browser “what” to do with it Only that it’s there, the browser just does something on its own terms, unless you add CSS /JS into the mix.

    So yes it’s a programming language by technicality, and no it’s not seen as a programming language in the sense you can’t make it do things on its own.
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