CTO: "You must write good tests with high coverage, ideally use TDD. We need confidence in our releases."
Also CTO: *Secretly commits code changes directly to master at 3am, breaks tests, skips CI, publishes, tells no-one*

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    secretly? I hope he knows everything is tracked in git (or whatever svc you are using)
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    Blame his commit and revert it? :D
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    Our school's headmaster back then: "All teachers must only code in english with their students!"

    Also headmaster:
    "public void schließeSchreibgerät()"
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    That makes my eyes burn and my brain go dumb...
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    TDD, what the fuck is TDD 🤣 We might have something resembling a test suite if I spent less time fighting fires and dealing with bulk data imports.
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    @gitpush Yeah, "secretly" in the sense that it comes as a surprise when customer service tells us users are having issues with the site, rather than in the sense that we can't see what he's done once we know we're looking for something.
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    Commit rules might be useful, you could set master to only allow pull requests from a staging branch, and staging can only accept pull requests. Neither are direct writable.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 bulk data imports are pain. I started doing TDD exclusively for that. Who wants to spend days checking that thousand of records are imported correctly? It's not easy to write TDD for that but it will save your day
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