Whoa! Ugliness of new Visual Studio Code is second most commented issue

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    Butthurt fake developers bitch about an icon that they look at only when they're not coding.
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    Now it's the same colour as the Devrant icon
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    Now that's what I call jQuery developers...
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    Well to be fair I also find it kinda ugly. The old icon was perfectly fine and the new one is a strange mess.
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    You know you can change it on literally any decent OS?
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    No matter what you do, people are going to bitch


    If nobody hates you, then you haven't done anything that matters.
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    I wish the windows icon was the same as the Mac icon, it just looks better
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    I don't understand what people complain about.

    About the color, the symbol or the style?

    1) The color is a matter of taste.

    2) The symbol is not the best, I agree, but it isn't so ugly.
    It's very similar to the VS one, one little missing part, the rest is equal, so it's not so fucking different than before.

    3) The style of the icon is the same of Visual Studio, so it's correct.

    4) It's a fucking code editor and people complain about a fucking icon you look at 2-3 times per day (when you open the app).

    5) Who cares?

    6) Really... who cares?
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    It is ugly, though.
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