How the fuck does Linux think it's okay to let you delete the very partition it's running from?

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    it's you that are in charge, not the other way around. as it is with some other systems that won't let you do anything ... 😉
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    @qwerty1337 Haha, I'm a long time Linux user myself, but this still beats me. I feel really bad for the people who end up deleting their root partition (and all the backups too if they're mounted).
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    been there done that 😃
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    Is it a feature or a bug?
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    That's better than when I deleted grub, since the partition was right there... I just couldn't reach it... Oh the trauma
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    @magis you could just have used grub from another media and fixed it.
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    dd, that's a funny tool.
    Like when you want to write a disk image to USB and types sda instead of sdb
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    I think it's fine to allow muppets to fuck themselves over. Shouldn't be running as root!
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    With great power comes great responsibility.
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    root > god
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    It assumes that you are not too stupid that you would do that. It is called freedom under responsibility.
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