I was just asked to explore Ionic Framework any advise?
Please tell me I will not face hell doing an ionic app :(

I started reading docs and the word Cordova appears to be used a lot, I had a really bad experience with Cordova + PhoneGap, am I in trouble? am I going to regret life?

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    I took over an Ionic project and I hated it. It seems to be a Mish mash of various technologies to the point where finding a problem can be quite difficult.

    Not to mention the Dev before me didn't always --save his npm modules or their version numbers.

    I also found that we had to lock every dependency to a specific version number or stuff would break. There was also a case where I had to downgrade my Android SDK because Cordova was using some deprecated method.

    My advice: put it in a VM and save the state, then at least you have a decent rollback point.

    Let me summarise like this: cross platform sounds great until the tools introduce bugs, or until maintenance of one platform breaks or interferes with another.

    I really hope you have a better experience than I did.
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    I can summarize your comment in three words:
    @gitpush YOU ARE FUCKED!
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    @qbalsdon though I hope I don't face the same. I'm going to continue on an existing code and i checked app on Google play and it is slow ass buggy one. I guess I'll have same as ur experience 😞
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    @shellbug 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
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    @gitpush it's basically Cordova + Angular, so, NOPE!
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    @shellbug I'm screwed I guess 🙄
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    it's a living hell. just joined devrant to inform other developers to never use this mess.
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