I didn't really qualify, but I applied for a dream position anyway. I didn't get to say much at the interview. She did all the talking in such a tempo that I sort of lost track of the conversation. Then she said something about an ambulance and I said: "What?"

"Yeah, the last guy had to go to the er, he was so stressed out at the job. Anyway, I think you'll be perfect. We'll call you."

She didn't though, so I called them a few weeks later, prepared for bad news.

"Yeah, sorry for not calling you back. Someone died, so we've been quite busy. Call NN to sort out your schedule."

I did turn out the be real good at the job, and I enjoyed it immensely. I have no idea how she figured that out though.

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    So... First someone ends up the ER, and later on someone dies? Would be easy to conclude that the stress level there was unhealthy!
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    Ya never know. Cool story.😀
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    @haabe yeah, I was a bit worried. It was stressful, by nature, but manageable. The was unrelated, as it turned out.
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    Don't apply to any more companies, you don't want any more deaths on your hands!
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    I guess they really needed your skill set... xD
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