Job Ad says "Web Developer". Requested skills were HTML, CSS, PHP & XML. Go to interview & get grilled about my design skills. Web Developer != Web Designer people! Get it together! 🙄🙄🙄

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    I think they are looking for both, and preferably in 1 guy, so they save money.
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    @perfectdark yes, most web dev jobs appear to involve design as well, unless they specifically say that you're the backend guy.
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    I just know there's a desRant community somewhere where some designer has ranted about being asked developer questions in an interview!
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    Nope, it was solely a design position. Whoever made the ad was fuggin clueless.
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    I took a data entry job a few weeks back as a side thing. was hired for data entry. actual job... posting on his pinterest and designing his wordpress. I quit day 2.
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