interviewer: What can you tell us about the Unity 3D engine?

me: well, i can tell you that there is no such thing. the engine is called Unity. Unity3d.com is just the website. it's a good way of telling if someone doesn't know what they are talking about.


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    You nailed it, totally rekt the interviewer! Haha.
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    I'll be honest, I wasn't entirely aware of this. Thanks for sharing 😄
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    😂😂😂get rekt son
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    let me guess... you didn't get the job because you were "too smart" :l
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    Did you want the job? 😀
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    the rest of the interview was awkward, honesty as a weakness moment, but i did get the job.

    employers are willing to overlook a lot for guaranteed experience and qualifications; you would be surprised the number of people who take one online course and then apply to senior development positions... and how many of them get hired and shit the bed for the people who hired them.
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    Hi, I am asked to get tutorials on unity then to make a presentation where I help my coworkers learn working on unity and it should be great one, is there some specific topics that I should focus on in the presentation???
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    It all really depends on the platform you are going to launch on.

    The biggest advantage of unity is the ability to do rapid prototyping.
    Unlike the Unreal engine where the pipeline for importing resources is grueling, and it takes a lot of effort to make anything that is not a first person shooter. Unity lets you just drag and drop multiple file types right into the scene and is ready made to make almost any tye of game from 2D to 3D.

    EA started doing almost all there prototyping in Unity a couple of years back, even if it would not be the final game engine. The work flow is just that quick and direct.
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