Why aren't we designing robot grippers the way fractal vices are designed?

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    Shut up
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    For the same reason people ignored quaternions. It leaves the collective consciousness and gets forgotten.


    So maybe tech and materials was the limit back then.
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    @b2plane eat your own shit you fucking trash boy
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    Using fractal vices might have weight and grip strength implications and they look a bit clunky. Imagine getting something from a bowl with a hand which is a fractal vice.

    But there indeed have to be use cases which would profit from vice hands. Maybe, they will be used in some niche applications where a robot actually needs to hold a workpiece while using a tool on it - like a CNC mill which can move the work piece to allow for more degrees of freedom.
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    Is there a fractal vice that works in three dimensions?
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    I still think fingers are the best. Now, if fingers were prehensile and could lengthen as needed, and there were more than 4+1 opposing of them, they’d be perfect.

    Tentacles. I’m apparently talking about tentacles.
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    cause they're actually not that great for this purpose.
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    @electrineer fractal vice as a hand. Arms mostly a solved problem no?
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    @Root everyone's favorite solution to be sure!
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    @Oktokolo was thi king about all the solutions I'd seen in videos and on paper for holding/picking up something, and it's interesting to see how minimal and passive a fractal design solves the problem.
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