One month until I travel to China again.
Things left to pack: VPN

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    install a vpn server your wifi router as a backup :)
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    The Great Firewall of China does block VPN btw. Have fun
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    @Linux depends on the service, I also had problems with some countries to tunnel through. The best experience I had yet was with Singaporean proxies, they haven't failed me during my last two visits
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    Ah alright,
    Have a great flight!
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    Use a

    C U S T O M V P N
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    Can you SSH out of China? If so, just use that as a proxy.
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    I assume Tor is blocked as well
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    Get a free tier VM on any cloud and run a shadowsock script, pack that ip and you are all set πŸ‘
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix Pretty much any somewhat known VPN service is blocked
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    Buy a VPN in China which proxys the traffic to some VPN outside of China πŸ˜‚πŸ€”πŸ€”
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    Update, VPN worked, friend of mine did set up ssh tunnel as suggested by @bahua which also worked. And devrant isn't blocked in China! (Yet) Had a lot of other stuff to do though, so I missed quite a lot here
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    Wireguard works. Also shadowsocksR.
    As for commercial providers, I just tried mullvad and it seems work (they use Wireguard).
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