So today I got removed from my freelance project because the client found out I listen to slipknot! What the actual FUCK? How the FUCK does it matter what I listen to?

And that cunt eater isn't willing to pay for the work I've already completed since "Slipknot is anti-Christian".

Burn in hell you piece of shit.

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    Sue him.
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    @plusgut We live in different countries.
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    @thinkingmachine Still possible. Just a tad more difficult.
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    Push your finger into his...
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    How did they find out your music tastes?
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    This takes the cake for dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If you can’t sue him at least burn his house down.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer so this isn’t legal advice ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    @theScientist spam the dude with payme emails every 20 minutes

    Automate the thing, check if he paid, if not, keep sending. You can randomise the subject and the sender :D
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    @thinkingmachine but he will use your Software anyway, isn't he?
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    Sure, listening to Slipknot is un-christian, but not paying someone for their hard work is very christian.
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    Stupid fucking superstitious Christians.
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    @deeplearning Ah, one of my old (7 years old) display picture was of slipknot's guitarist. They first said that the image "terrified" them (due to the masks and the attire), then asked me what it was. I told them it was "Just a band I listen to called Slipknot". They just lost their shit after that and proceeded to terminate the contract.
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    He probably got the jitters hallway through the project and didn't want to pay ๐Ÿ˜
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    Well look at the bright side... 500 years ago you would be skinned alive, burned and fed to the pigs... Changing your perspective to ultra wide lens you actually got a good deal!
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    Sorry to tell you this, but the music was an excuse.
    He's probably not happy with your work.
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    If only you could burn him anonymously on a dev forum so he can be DDoSed/spamed to death :/
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    Get legitimate legal help and sue the crap out of them.

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    OP, I'm sorry that happened to you. More than likely the person is from the southeastern United States and is therefore nearly hypocritically religious.

    Please don't do anything brash, though. I know it sucks, and it was not the right thing for him to do, but those is one of those things where you do what you need to (delete the project's files or whatever) and find another job quick to make up for the lost revenue.

    In the words of Corey Taylor, "there are always going to be . . . people who [hurt others] for no other reason than the fact that they're fucked up and lost."
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    @thinkingmachine : We live in different countries

    @jfk422 : just a tad more difficult

    Really? Just a smudge, a tidbit. Granted, I'm talking out my ass here, but how would that even work? I'm guessing, maybe, hiring a Lawyer who's local to the client. Sorry, I truly feel confused now, especially as International Laws keep toppling around us with an idiot in power in US, the country that had been historically instrumental in helping to create International Laws and Norms.
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    He wont take a risk. Your code may slippery
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    Maybe his wife and daughters left him for the band. (It is 8am here, I don't wanna use stronger language yet, lol)

    On a side note, hide few songs on the website. Like auto play only after certain actions are taken. So client won't find it easily but they are there and someone will find them.
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    An indian guy listening to slipknot ? #dafuq. I would have terminated the contract too... i am half indian myself. Infact out of sheer nostalgia alone i was listening to some 90s bollywood music. Aaah the memories when bollywood was watchable. #Unlucky #Buddy
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