recently i have been realising that i am utterly lonely. their isn't a group of people in life (apart from my parents) who aren't either paid to be with me (i.e office colleagues) or i am paying to be with them (i.e gym) and its very sad.

i don't have any siblings. the relatives are on sour terms, so no one visit. my parents are mostly loveless and the whole family is just focusing on sustaining than living or enjoying. i recently had some arguments with my friends and now they too are not on talking terms. .

I am a 25 year old, short , somewhat chubby guy in the most boring and safe field with no interesting interests except an average guy stuff ( cars, stocks, tech, career, sports... things that guys usually discuss).

I have been told on face that my vibe isn't interesting and i can honestly accept that . i myself wouldn't want to be with someone like me. if you are girl, then i will probably be talking to you for 30 seconds of joke-cum-fun-cum-serious-cum-caring stuff( i usually have 1-2 lines of witty stuff prepared) before going all silent and boring you the fuck out.

the next convo will be followed by an even dumber sentence but i will try to end it with a geeky joke or reference and a small laugh prompting you to also smile or fake laugh. and if you did that, then i will be desperate to keep you laughing, but my sentences will keep on getting more dumber and boring until you leave and categorise me as the most boring idiot/ "nice guy" you met. ( and meanwhile i am at the mental stage where i love you as the most precious thing of my world and imagining kids and life with you)

I can't care for anyone. I have seen too much parent fights, empty walls, money issues to understand how to care for anyone . my life is focused and sad.

shall i go on giving chocolates to everyyone in office to be popular? shall i ask a random gorl on the stret for her phone number? shall i start strolling in the park and try to talk to people? honestly, if i were a girl and someone does this to me, i would be shit scared and creeped out than falling for that guy.

then how the fuck i land myself into someone who wants to be with me? do i even want someone to be with me? or is loneliness the only thing i want?

i feel pretty okay for the most part of the day in this loneliness, except at some weird times like when am eating a platefu9 of chinese alone in some shop, or at night when i lock the door of a 9x9 large room and realise that i am the only one here.

i was once excited to grow up and do grown-up stuff like drive a car, take a solo tour, goto vaccination in every few days, be adventurous . but that has changed . i did all these things when i had people in my life. i somewhat felt motivated to do those, seeing that there were people who wanted to be with me during/after these things and care about me. now it just feels pointless.

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    start smoking weed
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    Start masturbating only twice a day
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    I'm really not an anti-vaxxer but having vaccinations every few days.. umm..
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    I think we all experience a level of loneliness every now and then. I can relate to that bit. I have come to love being by myself and I actually seek it out. But that is just me.

    Sometimes girls like the quiet mysterious guy. Don't pressure yourself to have something interesting to say to girls.
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    Go volunteer and help others. It will give you purpose, make you more interesting, and give you a chance to meet people.
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    join a meetup! at least where i'm at there are some great tech meetups, you can learn a lot too

    (to be fair i think the last one I was at was 100% dudes so if this message is more about dating / girls, maybe not the best - but you'll for sure at least meet guys with similar interests!)
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    You're just depressed my man. Carry on giving chocolates if you like and they appreciate it/ makes you feel good.


    Eat well, stick to a regular sleeping schedule, socialise more and you eventually get better at socialising.

    Find what makes you laugh and your people. Don't think too much or fixate.

    Life can be pretty good
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    I read a story of a lonely man. One day he adopted a little girl with cancer. When she died he did it again. And again. 70 to 80 times.

    He said that kids shouldn't die alone.

    Saddest thing I've ever heard of. That man is a hero.

    You can turn your loneliness into something magical. You don't need to adopt dying kids, but I bet you're not the only lonely person in your area.

    Old folks homes, animal shelters, hospitals. Lonely people meet ups. Go start something amazing!
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