Alright people, I'm gonna be blunt here, which is something not often seen from me. Thankfully this platform is used to it.

I am absolutely sick of people hating Windows/MacOS just because of the fucking practices of the companies. Let's take a look at a pro/con list of each OS type respectively.

Pro - Most computers built for it
Pro - Average consumer friendly
Pro - Most games made for it
Con - Proprietary
Con - Shady info collection (disableable)
Con - Can take some work to customize
Pro - Open source
Pro - Hundreds of versions/distros
Pro - Incredibly customizable on all fronts
Con - Can have limited modern hardware support
Con - The good stuff has a steep learning curve
Con - Tends to have unoptimized programs or semi-failed copies of Windows programs
Pro - Actually quite secure in general
Pro - Optimized to all hell (on Apple devices)
Pro - Usually just works
Con - Only (legally) usable on Apple devices
Con - Proprietary
Con - Locked down customization

See? None of them are perfect. Fucking get over it already. Maybe I want to use Windows because it works for me, and it actually does what I need it to. I can disable the spying shit through a few nice programs. Just because I work in IT doesn't mean that I HAVE to hate Windows and LOVE Linux! I mean, Linux is absolutely SPECTACULAR for all of my servers, but as a Desktop OS? Not there for me yet. Check one of my other rants: https://devrant.com/rants/928935/... and you'll see a lot of my gripes with Linux that Windows actually executes well. FUCK!

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    Respectfully, I don't agree. I've put down my reasons many times but i guess you're not interested in hearing them so I'll keep silent.

    Also, some facts can differ in legality from country to country.

    Not meaning to starting a war by the way :)
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    @linuxxx You're fine, it's just like I said, I am sick and tired of people just Windows bashing (no pun intended.) At least you try to give good reasons.
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    @Rekonnect I thought you were referring to bashing (pun intended) in general :)
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    Finally someone spoke up!
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    Just saying, you most definitely can customize macOS, just look at /r/unixporn!

    I would also remove that Can have limited modern hardware support, though that's my own opinion, aside from that, literally perfect, the perfect representation of what is wrong and right with each OS.
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    @TheGamingBarrel Skylake/Kaby Lake/Ryzen support is STILL in the works in the kernel. That's what I was pointing to with that, but it is getting better!
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    you bitch. where's freebsd? you're just leaving it out because you think it's irrelevant? 😀😀😀
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    @calmyourtities Nah, it's specialized, typically not a consumer level desktop solution. I respect that.
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    Here’s my one PRO/CON per OS

    Windows: Games!
    MacOS: It’s ecosystem.
    Linux: customization

    Windows: instability
    MacOS: proprietary hardware
    Linux: nvidia drivers

    Even then, I respect each one as an OS.
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    @Rekonnect that's what they said about my commodore 64
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    @calmyourtities Hey, I am trying to fix a gifted C64!
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    @Gerrymandered ++ for the Nvidia drivers
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    @linuxxx Respectfully, I fail to see how you can disagree. What he stated seem like unopinionated facts. In this rant, the one he referenced is a bit more foggy.
    Anyway, how do you disagree with facts? Do you just reject reality and substitute your own? I don't get it.
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    @Froot Shady info collection - disablable (however you spell that).

    People have tested this and it keeps phoning home. Less, yes. But it keeps phoning home.
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    @linuxxx Not if you use unofficial methods!
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    @Froot Semi failed copies of windows programs. That's an opinion. It's always worked great for me.
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    @linuxxx I meant that as in some programs that try to replicate the functionality of Adobe products namely tend to be of lesser use for some
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    I like the word "disableable".
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    @Rekonnect Well yeah you could use a firewall but that doesn't mean it keeps trying.

    Hell, the dutch data control government part has ruled windows 10's data collection as illegal.

    Next to that, the pro's (including the Linux open source part, yes. i admit that one) aren't entirely true as far as I know.

    Some ex nsa agent even said that Mac os is not secure ("I love apple products, I just wish they were secure").

    Again, I don't want to start a war!
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    @Rekonnect Not familiar with the adobe ones but I've been at multiple medium companies who use libreoffice through their entire company successfully
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    @linuxxx Libre is a bit different. It functions well enough, but if you're taught MSOffice, then you might have trouble finding a few things in Libre. Good option tho.
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    @Rekonnect My parents adjusted in minutes :). Oh yeah, they run linux!
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    Phoning home. Ok, fair point. I guess you could hack away with hosts files and routers bit ye, I get it

    Semi functional copies of windows programs. Well you could say the "copies" part is an opinion. The semi functional part isn't. Libre office is the best you get on Linux and it's not even close to MS Office. Same with Adobe suite, there are Linux alternatives but they're all sort of half baked.
    But we've had that discussion already πŸ˜„

    Edit: all of the Linux tools I mentioned work if you're doing basic stuff, obviously. But they fall short when you try to do more advanced things.
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    @Rekonnect @linuxxx This is FUCKIN awesome! You guys have just listed out (and a bunch of other people, thanks) a shitload of stuff for pros/cons on all 3 OSs. I've bookmarked this rant all over the place to shove in my friend's faces when they go "Linux sucks!" on me.
    Again, this is awesome! You never see people actually changing their opinion on SO and shit. This is one of the main reasons I love DevRant.
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    @AKCr I never changed my opinion and still think that windows/osx suck.... πŸ˜…
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    @linuxxx I don't think that my brain is okay xD
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    @AKCr I'm not following you πŸ˜…
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    I still hate windows / osx
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    @calmyourtities Just installed it on my T60, it's been pretty nice so far.
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    But... We're developers, hating on tools is our thing. 😁 /s
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    If we are not bashing down OS that we don't use, we are bashing down other people's phones. If we are not bashing down phones, we are bashing down Google and Facebook. If we are not bashing down Google and Facebook, we are bashing down other people's IDE. If we are not bashing down IDE, we are bashing down the programming languages we don't write in. If we are not bashing down the language, we are bashing down the tools (CMS, etc) others used. If we are not bashing down the tools ..... 😁

    We might not even give any crap when it comes to human related things like gender, race, wealth, etc. When it comes to technology we love what we love and we stand our ground. It is in our blood. I think it is a good thing.

    I totally shared and understood your views. But for me I got used to it.
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    I do agree with this...
    I like windows coz things work on it without much effort... and games ofc

    I like Linux for customizabilty and it enables me to learn a lot of OS... and let’s be honest... Unix is our lord and savior 🀣🀣

    I like Mac because it’s a pretty well optimized OS and it runs great for me

    Simple as that β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—
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    This is similar to the “Android versus iPhone” argument. Having used both extensively, I can’t say that one is definitively better than another. Having used all three computer OSes, I like them all, and don’t see one as better than another. But that’s just me. Nice post OP. 😊
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    @castor-rg same here... was an android user almost all my life... recently got iPhone... took some time to get used to it and didn’t like it at first due to how things work, but now I do like my iPhone... things r different on both platforms, but it’s just a matter of getting used to them πŸ€—

    I did use windows phone in between... didn’t like it simply coz of almost no apps... that was sad πŸ˜• it was a pretty robust and stable phone for me 😊
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    @olumidefalomo welcome to DevRant πŸ˜‰
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    Thanks for contributing to a balanced point of view in this never-ending circle jerk of Windows haters.
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    I use all three because guess what, they’re tools.
    I prefer windows over all of them because I’m familiar, but I love Linux and am growing into macOS.
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