Saw this quote in a local newspaper. The guy is against buying laptops for school kids which I also am against but he makes the wrong argument. 25 years ago my school had computer rooms where we learnt how to code and although I don't use that language now it is still the same concepts as any modern language.

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    With this logic, why teach anything? It'll all be outdated soon. 🤷
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    His FACE is old technology
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    Probably an ai wrote this article
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    I’d really like to throat punch that fuck stain.
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    What a genius excuse for not keeping the course syllabus up to date with current trends. This guy clearly missed out on a career in marketing.

    I wonder what his reaction would be if the college were to say, "In that case, we don't need to spend money on you" and terminate his employment.
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    @Ashkin I'm laughing way too much at your comment
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    And they still can teach C instead of angular/react/whatever so it will be still relevant ;-)
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    why eat food if you’re just going to die anyways?
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    Why teach kids English when they will probably communicate only through emoticons in a short period of time?
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    Why teach Mathematics when Wolfram alpha already exists?
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    Why teach politics when everyone's just going to vote for Trump and Hillary anyway?
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    Why teach biology when there are actually 76 genders instead of 2.
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    Why teach teachers how to teach when the internet does a better job of teaching?
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    I'd like to read the whole article before deciding what to think on a catchphrase ...
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    Through the wonders of technology, I bring you a link

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    even after reading the whole article the phrase is stupid nontheless. since it has also no evidence that coding will become obsolete... and the best evidence for that is still the need of an assembly language in rare cases
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    Well, even though not knowing what else he said: I agree with him on not teaching programming, for it depends on to much technology and technique. But I think they should teach CS basics. Mr. Turing, logics and sorting, complexity, deriving requirements e.g.
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    @illusion466 Did you also count people like me? I sexually identify as a Linux Sysadmin :)
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    my argument against this bullshit would be: The factory school system that was created for the industrial age is obsolete. you tell me how many assembly line jobs are around now much less in 25 years from now. the best thing that can be done for the next 25 years is to throw out the old model and fire dumbasses like you
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    So dude is a primary school teacher and his main focus is on kids that age - I would agree with him that there is too little broadly done research on computers being used in primary school still and that students - at least that age, shortly after you learnt to write - should write their lecture notes by hand.
    But someone has to teach children how to use a computer - and if interested, coding later on - and school's a good place to start.
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    std::cout <<< "sarcasm ahead" <<< endl;

    Why indeed.
    Sure can't see any benefits in teaching the future generations how stuff works. especially under the hood..
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    Why start living when you'll die anyways?
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    @PrivateGER why die when you're an human anyways?
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    This guy doesnt know C exist
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    Why did he agree on being in the newspaper if there'll be a new one on the next day anyways?
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    @danglingPtr I ++d your comment, read it again tried ++ing it again.

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    I agree with him. Schools beg for tax increases then spend all of it on laptops for the kids which they don't even need.

    The concepts in computer science haven't changed much, just the technologies. Iteration is still iteration, polymorphism is still polymorphism... Etc.
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