I recently deleted a bunch of bookmarks from between 2002 and 2014. None of the websites even worked anymore.

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    It's 2023, noone even uses bookmarks any more. Now we have forever open tabs "we're going to read someday".
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    @netikras I have over 100 of those.
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    I used to obsessively organize them but I actually never used them

    Now I bookmark any decent website I ever run into and I disabled history search so if I type in my address bar it just searches my bookmarks. There's a description field it automatically fills in from the website so it's useful for stuff like news articles in case someone asks me for source I can just quickly find what I had read and sound less crazy, or good tech write ups so I don't have to explain.
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    FFS, I'll never understand that.

    I get positively nervous whenever I have more than a dozen tabs open.
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    I use bookmarks all the fucking time.
    Well... and have a million tabs open at the same time..
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